At the current time, we accept exclusively Bitcoin due to the following reasons:

  1. It is has enhanced security
  2. It guarantees total safety for you
  3. It guarantees total safety for us
  4. there are no additional commission fees

Never ever use the services of so called Western Union sellers, because it is completely not safe to work with those people from such countries like Bangladesh or China!

Where you can purchase bitcoins?

Figure out how many you need.  Go to and enter the amount you need in USD/EUR/CAD/AUD. and (also check Localbitcoins) are the places you can start with. You can get or get rid of any amount of bitcoin you want and there are various options to buy bitcoin with cash, credit card or wire transfer.

You can also buy Bitcoin by visiting a Bitcoin ATM. To find out where Bitcoin ATM’s are, visit


Paying by Coinbase

You can send Bitcoins to our account at Coinbase: [email protected]


Purchase bitcoin with real money – here you can quickly buy it.

Find the closest store to you at >>>

Ok, now I have bitcoins, what should I do?

Cool! Get to your cart!

Use “Proceed ‘to checkout”. Use the function Express Delivery in order to get ID faster. Choose Bitcoin and use the option “Place order”

Congratulations! You are quite done. There is one more thing. You need to send bitcoins to a certain address and we do the rest. You will get email with shipping info soon.